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What do you get when you squeeze a synagogue?


we're just too cool for shul
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sup BATYites!

this is the hangout of board members, devoted attendees, alumni, aficionados, and wannabes of Beth Am Temple Youth. we are based in Seattle, in the beautiful NFTY region of WESTY. nobody can argue that BATY is not hot.

members of other TYGs, feel free to join and get the hookup with the latest and greatest BATY event info and social action projects.

our hottie 2005-2006 board:

Prezzidente: Sarah Slonim
PVPs: Annette Slonim and Sam Gray
Major Events VP: Danny Stoller (thaaster)
SAVP: Eve Smason-Marcus (xpaperxdollx)
RCVPs: Aaron Calderon and Adam Christl (spriterman)
MVP: Alex Wittenberg
CVPs: Becky Winnick (warmhardjello) and Shane Goldbaum-Unger
Merchandising VP: Raizel Geiser
Fundraising VP: Sam Friedman (schnook121)

maintained by lavenderpenguin (NW regional SAVP and proud BATYite)